Lilian Okech

Coming to America at the age of 15 Lilian “Lily” Okech, started high school in the United States speaking no English. She learned the alphabet while in the 9th grade and within months was on her way to speaking and writing English while identifying her passion and deep-routed need to help others.

Lilian was born in Kitgum, Uganda in a refugee camp a few months after her family fled from South Sudan. Over the years Lilian faced many health struggles with limited food sources and lack of clean water. Through it all she learned to place her trust and belief in God’s plan for her life. She knows the life of a refugee, that of a transplant who has lost family members, best friends, and her home.

Within two years in U.S, Lilian found herself pregnant and married at a young age. After living in an abusive relationship for ten years, she escaped that situation and found herself alone with four boys. Needing to support her family, she started cleaning at a local church. Soon, people noticed her dedication and started asking for her to clean their homes. Lilian was known for doing good work, and soon she had many clients.Lilian realized that through cleaning, she was able to help people, which was her heart and passion. In 2018 Lilian founded Cleaning for Hope. Through Cleaning for Hope, Lily strives to provide community support for those who may not have a friend to talk to. A family to run to. And for those who may need shelter, food, clothes, bibles, and so much more – just like she did.

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Author
  • Teacher
  • Visionary
  • Collaborative author of two Amazon #1 bestselling books, and
  • Co-found of Bother Tech Community Organization, an internet-café, and Computer Training, to help bring Internet Services and computer training closer to people of South Sudan.

Lilian's goal is to help build internet cafés for local schools to help the local population, increase their knowledge with computers, the internet, and computer training, and connect to the World Wide Web. Their goal is to change South Sudan in the advancement of technology. The goal is to motivate younger women and men to pursue their goals.